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Paleolithic: An Epic Prehistoric Action-Adventure

As if man-eating predators, clan rivalry, and harsh climates weren’t enough, now Sira and her clan face a merciless tribe of invaders. Welcome to the Paleolithic.

The Gondo-Var tribe is superior in numbers and technology. Sira’s clan is no match, and they are beaten, scattered, and divided. Faced with insurmountable odds, they are forced to seek shelter in the arms of strangers. New enemies, betrayal, and love will push the clan to the brink of destruction. To survive, Sira will seek help from a mythical man of the mountains, who was only thought to exist in legends. But will it be enough to save her people from extinction?

An epic prehistoric adventure about the courage of the human spirit, survival, loyalty, forbidden love, and redemption.

Paleolithic aims to set a high bar for historical accuracy. It is based upon the amazing paleontological discoveries over the past fifteen years, and it hopes to update the old-fashioned stereotype of Neanderthal depicted as a dim-witted brute. The fascination and wonder that must have taken place when H. Sapiens and Neanderthals met for the first time is the basis for this story. It is written in the same time period as the classic and beloved Clan of the Cave Bear novels, with the action-like twist of a Game of Thrones.

The Zoolinguist: A Humorous Crime Fantasy

In 1930’s New York, you either get rich or die trying. But Mario Manzetti has a peculiar and fantastic ability, he can literally speak to animals.

If you’re expecting another Dr. Doolittle, you’ve come to the wrong neighborhood. Mario does what any enterprising young Sicilian would, for cons and get-rich-quick schemes. But he is no hardened criminal, that is, until he gets locked up in the infamous Louisiana State Penitentiary.

To make matters worse, he has gained the attention of a duo of paranormal agents, hell-bent on capturing him for their own nefarious purposes. Will his wits, abilities, and animal allies be enough to escape?

A Roald Dahl for grownups. Fans of witty, humorous urban fantasy mixed with elements of a crime story will be delighted.

About The Author

S.A. Adams

S. A. Adams would lie awake at night as a child listening to the coyotes’ howl. Their glowing yellow eyes haunted in the dark outside his window in Southern Arizona. He told himself stories to fall asleep. Due to his parent’s careers and family issues, he had a whirlwind childhood, being thrown around to ten different schools in twelve years. He graduated from George Mason University in 2004, but suburban Virginia wasn’t exotic enough a place to settle down. His love for all things African brought him back to the continent in 2005, and he currently resides in Mozambique. He still hears the coyotes howling in his dreams from time to time.